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At TREE TOP TIMBER FRAMES we perform our own architectural design and structural engineering. We engineer the timbers, the traditional joinery and the foundations. TREE TOP TIMBER FRAMES can also provide early conceptual layout work, acreage development consultation, cost estimates, architectural and engineering services for the entire structure including the foundation. We have extensive design experience from small residential buildings to large commercial projects.

At TREE TOP TIMBER FRAMES our designs not only focus on traditional timber framing, but also environmental responsibility through energy efficiency, Canadians are committed to slowing the potentially devastating environmental effects of global warming and acid rain caused by high energy consumption. Our designs adopt new products and technologies, many of them developed in Canada, to dramatically reduce total home energy use without compromising comfort and safety. Our designs use one-quarter to one-half of the energy used in a conventionally built home.

Some of these technologies are:

  • High performance, energy efficient windows and doors
  • High levels of insulation (super insulated)
  • Advanced building envelopes
  • Airtight construction (R2000 principles)
  • Energy efficient fireplaces
  • Energy efficient mechanical systems
  • Geothermal systems
  • Photvoltaic solar panels
  • Solar domestic hot water heating
  • Solar hot water space heating
  • Grey water recycling systems

The TREE TOP TIMBER team is very experienced in working with timber, concrete and steel structures. They pride themselves as being amongst the most accomplished engineers, designers and builders in the timber frame industry.



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